Replacement Wardrobe Doors Design Options

A wardrobe is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a bedroom. It can even be the focal point of the room. If the wardrobe doors in your or your child’s bedroom rattle and shake or if you just feel the room containing them is dreary, merely replacing wardrobe doors can revive the room without the need to replace the entire wardrobe. This produces a great effect without recourse to a new carpet or wallpaper and their attendant costs.

So Many Door Styles

Doors can be obtained in any colour, size or style. Replacement wardrobe doors can be fielded panel doors, tongue groove or “V” joint doors, shaker style doors, or plain or flat doors. Fielded panel doors have a raised panel in the centre. In tongue groove doors, the panel is depressed. Shaker doors have a glass panel in the middle, and are also popular in kitchens.

On a Budget? No Problem

There’s no need to spend thousands of pounds just on a wardrobe, multi-purpose as it might be. When replacing wardrobe doors, the cheapest option is flat-pack furniture. Flat-pack furniture is less expensive because the manufacturer does not need to assemble it. Problems might, however, be caused for less-experienced people when they try to put them together and such furniture is less durable.

Sliding doors have been around for a great while, with examples found in the ruins of Pompeii dating to before the first century, AD. A great difference can be made to a room just by replacing traditional, hinged doors with the sliding variety, which saves considerable space. If sliding doors have roller bearings at both top and bottom, movement will be freer as a result.

Do It Yourself and Save

DIY installation of sliding doors is not arduous if two people are to hand, requiring little more than the cutting and fixing of liners. It will take, on average, two or three hours to accomplish. A power drill, hacksaw, spirit level and pencil will be required, and fixing panels, too, if end panels are installed. People who can’t face the prospect of a little DIY can have sliding doors professionally installed for a price.

Fully fitted wardrobe doors are built to your specific needs. They could be made of laminated materials, pine, oak, maple or birch. Maple is currently the most popular choice.

In addition to making clear your personal style, fully fitted replacement wardrobe doors can increase the value of a property. Since everything is made-to-measure, there’s no need to worry if a chimney breast must be built around. In the UK, bespoke sliding wardrobes are becoming ever-more popular. Installation generally takes less than a day and can often be a DIY install thus saving money.