Revitalise Your Bedroom With Replacement Wardrobe Doors

Replacement Wardrobe Doors Are the Answer!

The problem with fitted wardrobes is that they are fitted. When they are first installed they look great and your bedroom looks stylish. Over time however, as with most furniture, they begin to date or they just begin to get a little worn. If you had a free-standing wardrobe you’d probably just replace it with a new one but it’s a bit more tricky with fitted wardrobes. The solution however is simple, just replace the doors!

With replacement wardrobe doors you can choose a style and colour that coordinates with your bedroom. Maybe you’re going to have some new wallpaper or re paint and so need to match with the new look or even some new flooring. With MDF wardrobe doors you can choose to either have them foil wrapped, painted or plain so that you can paint them yourself. Foil wrapped offers you a range of colours and styles including the various wood effect coverings. Painting allows you a vast array of colours and finishes and if you choose to paint yourself, you can colour match exactly to the colours you have chosen for your bedroom.

Don’t forget that you can choose different styles. The shaker style is always popular but there are may other shapes and designs that can be created to fit in with your existing bedroom. If you’ve got drawers in your wardrobe units, these can be updated to with replacement drawer fronts. Again, all designed to match.

The key with replacing wardrobe doors is to find a supplier who actually makes the doors in-house i.e. they have their own door manufacturing and routing facilities. That way, it doesn’t matter what size doors you have, they can make them to measure. Very often, companies will only offer standard sizes but that limits your choice and may not work if you have older units or something that was originally made to measure.

Another advantage of using a supplier who can make to measure is that they can create designs on your doors or create doors that will hold glass or mirrors. Imagine designing your own unique pattern to be cut into door? That way you’ll have a bedroom design that no one else has. If you choose to paint your own doors, this also offers you the opportunities to personalise the design with stencils and two-tone colour combinations.

Of course, it’s not just the wardrobe doors you need to think about. There’s all the accompanying accessories that are needed to complete the look. Find a supplier who can provide all of these to ensure you get a coordinated and colour matched finish. For instance, you don’t want plinths and kick boards that are a different colour to your doors. Door handles are less of a problem but it is always easier to get them all in one place.